Quick Review: Cuban Fury

Nick Frost puts on his salsa shoes in Cuban Fury, a romantic comedy that leans towards the crass comedy side of things. It’s a fun time with mean, nasty humour that’s frequently and fortunately laugh-out-loud funny.

Frost is Bruce Garret, a former teen salsa prodigy who’s turned into an overweight love-struck engineer. The object of his affections is Julia (Rashida Jones), his new boss who just so happens to salsa. Thus it is that Bruce must put on his dancing shoes again to reignite his passions and woo his dearly beloved.

This takes him back into the world of his former teacher Ron (Ian McShane), a craggily-faced man who at once wants nothing to do with Bruce but also hopes for him to discover the fury of salsa all over again.

Frost proves he’s a star comedian, even without Simon Pegg, but it’s Chris O’Dowd’s Drew who steals the show. Competing for Julia’s heart, Drew is mean and vulgar but O’Dowd’s delivery hits every mark. A salsa fight between Bruce and Drew is the highlight of the film, and had the audience in an uproar – it’s the right amount of silly in a movie that knows its mark well.

I’d be remiss to not mention Kayvan Novak’s Bejan, an incredibly camp and over-the-top salsa dancer who Bruce meets at Ron’s lessons. While O’Dowd creates a villain who you love to hate, Novak is simply fabulous and the friend you wish you had, stealing some of the movie’s best moments.

It’s light, breezy and most of all it doesn’t outstay its welcome. Cuban Fury might not inspire you to take up salsa and the romance is really paper-thin, but at least the humour is spot-on even if it falls on the cruder side of the comedy spectrum.

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