Deadpool Review

User Rating: 9


This is the film that fans have been waiting for. Violent, immature, irreverent and fourth-wall breaking, Deadpool understands exactly what it is and treats its Marvel source material with just the right amount of seriousness so it does not verge on parody. It’s all grounded by a simple revenge story – but perhaps most surprising is the degree to which Deadpool feels right at home in the X-Men film series.

Ryan Reynolds embodies the titular antihero Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. This is the role that Reynolds was born to play – fans will know he previously played the character in 2009s disappointing X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While Reynolds was on point in that movie, Origins didn’t do right by the character in the third act. Now however, thanks to the time-warping shenanigans of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Reynolds gets another shot at being the Merc with a Mouth. And if the uproarious reception at my screening was any indication, Reynolds may get several more shots yet.

Gut-bustingly funny, crude and absolutely not appropriate for children, Deadpool’s self-awareness and referential humour won’t be for everybody, but it remains one of the best comedies and hyper-violent actioners I’ve seen in some time. Your enjoyment may be heightened by the number of references you can catch, as Deadpool’s cocktail of fourth wall breaks is unlike anything else on offer. It’s a challenge to find fault with the movie when it is so aware of its own shortcomings (and the current state of the superhero film genre) – and that’s part of the fun. And yet it’s grounded by great performances, a bit of romance, an underlying darkness (including some dabbling in horror territory) and a very clear connection to the wider X-Men world.

I won’t go further for fear of spoiling the jokes – of which there are many – or the story, which is a straight-up revenge tale beginning in medias res and told with vim and vigour by first time director Tim Miller. Best seen in cinemas with packed audiences while it’s still hot for maximum effect, Deadpool concluded with wide applause from my audience and I’m looking forward to seeing it again.


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