About Movie Burger

Movie Burger is an Australian website dedicated to providing the latest movie reviews and film commentary. Based out of Adelaide, South Australia, Movie Burger is a site powered by arcane sorcery and cinema’s classic burgers such as the Royale with Cheese and Whammy Burger.

Sam Lehman

Sam set up Movie Burger in 2011 as an outlet to further explore his passion for film. He tends to view movies through the lens of escapist entertainment and inevitably ends up preferring those that explore the fantastic over the mundane. His favourite film of all-time is The Lord of the Rings (it’s basically one big movie) and when he’s not watching movies or otherwise occupied he aspires to be a speculative fiction writer while also juggling his secret life as a family lawyer.


  • Meherzad Shroff

Meherzad is an occasional reviewer and contributor at Movie Burger. An architecture graduate, his tastes gravitate towards art films though he doesn’t mind a good romance story and is nonetheless always keen for an explosive action piece or complex science fiction experience. Favourites include: There Will Be Blood, Mission: Impossible: III, Memoirs of a Geisha and The Sting.

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